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  • In 1923, Iraklis Trapezanidis' uncle brought from Constantinouple (Fanari) the expertise in making ice-cream in a milk churn. Years went by and the "secrets" passed from generation to generation in the creation of the confectionary "IRAKLIS" in 1965.
  • And we reached today, where Dimitris Trapezanidis, a 3rd generation confectioner, responding to the requirements of the market, created a model of a modern workshop in the ISO standards, with a prospect of further development (i.e production of more quality products).
  • The confectionary workshop covers all the range of a classic confectionary and since 2010 because of the cooperation with Hellenic Duty Free Shops, emphasis were given to the new packaging of the gourmet syrup soaked sweets for tourism purposes. Our products can be found in the biggest airports pf Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, Rhodes, Corfu as well as in the customs in Evzoni and Promahonas).
  • The philosophy of our company is the production of traditional sweets and ice-creams with pure ingredients of high quality and natural ways of producing them. All the products are hand-made just like they were in the beggining of the workshop, obsreving the product outputs with modern means of production in the standards of ISO 22000.

Our next goal as a company are exports in other countries, where cooperation has already started.